First Blood – Torontoist Takes Jab at blogTO



Torontoist takes a jab at blogTO today. Apparently they are disgusted with using the above picture from the Toronto Star’s coverage of the Boxing Day shooting on Yonge St. in a post initially about iPod theft.

Torontoist writes,

“In the blogosphere, as they say, BlogTO takes a gruesome photo from the Star to accompany a description of a stolen iPod. A snippet:

About a week before Christmas, one of my best friends was mugged. His newly purchased prized Video iPod, that he had gone through a great deal of trouble to finally own, was snatched right out of his hands on the TTC subway. The brave soul that he is, RAN AFTER the thief and cornered him at the wrong end of the platform.

Torontoist says: Nothing. Torontoist says nothing, but rather is completely mystified. Is this really a post about petty theft? Does it have any relationship to the picture, or these issues? (Makes disgusted face.)”

So far it seems blogTO hasn’t noticed. Will this be the first sign of a rivalry between the two very similar blogs?

2 Responses to “First Blood – Torontoist Takes Jab at blogTO”

  1. tim Says:

    yeah. we noticed. we just think torontoist’s comments is off base. if you read the whole post, you can see it’s more than just about the ipod theft. as such, we thought the photo was appropriate.

    in terms of rivalry with torontoist – why would we have one? we like torontoist. we just wish they’d read our entire post before they go off on us.

  2. qwerhtyuy Says:

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