Liberals Getting Hurt Online


liberallogoFor some reason it seems that the Liberals are getting more attention– bad attention– this year on blogs than any other party.

First there was Mike Klander who posted a very low brow attack against NDP candidate Olivia Chow (click to see image), and wife of NDP leader Jack Layton comparing her to a chow chow dog. He has since resigned (a nice word for quit) due to the outrage his comments produced. Was he just naive to think that people would actually read his blog, or did he not realize what he was writing was offensive?

Now bloggers are taking notice of Tony Ianno and his anything but transparent trust fund used keep campaign contributions anonymous. Iñaki Mondragon writes on his blog:

The citizens of Trinity-Spadina have a right to know the answers to the following questions:

1) Who donated to Tony Ianno’s trust fund?
2) Does Tony Ianno still maintain a trust fund?
3) How has Tony Ianno spent the money in his trust fund?

Have any of Ianno’s donors received any favours in exchange for passing him money in secrecy? Ianno has an obligation to tell voters the whole truth in plain English. Ianno and the Liberals stonewalled attempts by Canada’s chief electoral officer to get to the bottom of the trust fund issue.

Are the Liberals ever going to realize the power of the internet, or do they just not think it matters in the long run? And why do bloggers continue to pick on the Liberals leaving the NDP and Conservatives unscathed.
Link to the well researched post on Mondragon’s blog via The Torontoist

2 Responses to “Liberals Getting Hurt Online”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to plug my own site where I have been writing about the utter uselessness and malfeasance of Tony Ianno, Canada’s Laziest MP, for some time:

  2. Zach Slootsky Says:

    Thanks Paul, I’ll take a look.

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