The Election Debate


electiondebate The amazing thing about blogs is how immediate they report the stories. The English debate for the Canadian election just finished half an hour ago, and everyone is already ringing in their two cents.

On Livejournal, wasteful_jaguar was considering voting Conservative, until they saw Harper acting like “a robot”. Now they will be voting NDP.

He did repeat himself alot… But, I like how he didn’t ask to be prime minister. He just said give us more NDP so we can do more I like the fact that when the moderator asked why he didnt say he wanted to be the next primeminister he simply said give me more NDP representatives and that will happen won’t it?. His party is definately the underdog, but in my opinion what Canada needs.

Chokemenow critiques the candidate’s wardrobe and leaves the political analysis to the pros.

Mr. Harper, I know the colour of your party is principally royal blue but holy crap. That tie is way too deep and purplish. Your matching pocket square (you can’t see it in the photo) was atrociously out of whack.

[To Martin] Your tie looks like you ripped it off of an 80-year-old woman’s wall. the end.

Alright, you came pretty close Jack [Layton]. The tie is fabulous. But, you definitely need to rethink the shirt. It just doesn’t compliment the warm-coloured tie. Try a warm beige or mocha colour next time, alright?

Gilles “I LOVE QUEBEC. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!” Duceppe wins my wardrobe contest. His great tie and pin-striped suit was awesome. Congrats, you win this novelty Stephen Colbert bobble-head.

Darren Ridgley is obviously not voting Liberal.

It had also occurred to me that in an election, voting for the party in power based on campaign promises is idiotic, considering that you are endorsing them for promises that they should have already fulfilled while they held the position.

Shutupanddance_eh over at MSN Spaces likens voting to picking a satellite package.

I am going to get out and vote because it is a right i am entitled to you should all too even if it seems like its a lesser-of-two-evils battle and you have to choose spike TV over TLC.

Bene Diction found Layton repetative yet remains undecided.

Although the big battle is between Martin and Harper, there were moments when Martin and Duceppe went at it. Layton said third choice so many times, I started thinking subway third rails. I found his following of his script so repetitive, I started zoning out on him.

The speed at which these posts arrive is amazing, and another great example of how blogs and traditional media– print media at least– are very different. Alexander O’Niell was even live-blogging the debate.

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