Debate Editorial



I’m watching the federal leaders debate. I don’t know who is winning, but I know who is losing. All of us. We don’t have leaders; we have managers. And pretty lousy ones. These people depress me.

And Canadians depress me. I’ve been reading lots of political commentary, party platforms, message boards and blogs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Canada is completely screwed. We have been handed a vast, beautiful, diverse, wealthy land, and all we can do is bicker. That’s what I’m seeing in the country at large, and that’s what I’m seeing in this debate – no debate at all, just squabbling. The leaders we deserve, I suppose.

I’m tuning out. I can’t watch this anymore. I’ll mark my ballot for the NDP, but until I see some sign that a Canadian in one province might actually give a shit about a Canadian in another, some sign that I live in a country and not a huge kindergarten classroom, I’m tuning out.

Buh-bye, kids.

I think a lot of people are feeling this way right now. It’s too bad, but I don’t totally disagree.

2 Responses to “Debate Editorial”

  1. Canadian Says:

    You write: “We have been handed a vast, beautiful, diverse, wealthy land, and all we can do is bicker.” Actually, it wasn’t “handed” to anyone, we stole it from people who we continue to subject to soft and hard policies of cultural and physical genocide.

  2. Not important Says:

    I think it’s like that everywhere you go, you can’t really root for someone because all the candidates are wasting time on the podium avoiding questions they don’t have answers to.

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